muay thai training camp

A Muay Thai Challenge to Beat all Muay Thai Challenges and it’s for Charity!

Want to be trained by Professional Muay Thai fighters, join us for a week at a Muay Thai Training Camp on the beautiful Island of Phuket in Thailand at a very minimal cost to yourself, want to know how to qualify for a much sort after place, training Muay Thai in a camp and learning this ancient art and fighting skill. Then read on!

So what is the challenge and how do I apply to the fight camp?

This Muay charity challenge camp organised by LBM Combat is for anyone who is physically fit with a background in martial arts such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, Aikido, Jujitsu, Judo, MMA and Muay Thai.

If you are a raw beginner and interested in becoming a Marital Artist such as Muay Thai, with a basic fitness level you can still apply for the Muay camp to train Muay Thai as we offer courses for beginners who meet our criteria which we can discuss with you after you contact us.

The Challenge.

During your week at the Muay camp, under the professional guidance of the Muay Thai camp trainers prepare yourself mentally & physically for 3 challenges on the 5 & 6 day, these challenges are highly competitive, and depending on your fitness level they are realistically achievable but be prepared to be tested! 

Challenge One – Buddha Run.

This is a 5km endurance challenge running through the jungles of Phuket in very hot & humid conditions ending up at the famous Buddha Temple, this will be a group event, each group with have a guide running and encouraging them, and there will be a minimum time to complete the challenge.

Challenge Two –  Complete Ten 2-minute rounds

This is our own LBM combat charity muay challenge, our manager will set 10 2-minute rounds with a one-minute rest between rounds, here you will have to demonstrate, Muay Thai style sparring core drills, lower & upper body strength and endurance, all 10 2-minute rounds must be completed to pass this muay challenge. 

Challenge Three – Last Man Standing.

This last Muay Thai camp challenge is based on teamwork and involves the gym, beach, water and land.

This will include a tug of war between groups, a rescue mission from the sea to land and back, and flag tagging the last man standing all accomplished with Muay Thai combat-style training.

You will be assessed by our LBM Combat Challenge Manager who will score you on your teamwork and how you performed during the Muay Thai combat challenge.

If you are unable to swim we offer a non-swimmer version.

All of these muay challenges are hard and will most certainly test your stamina, fitness and training, when completed you will feel a huge sense of achievement and a big “Well Done” from our muay camp team and trainers!

How to finance the fight camp?

To help you finance the Charity Challenge Muay Thai Fight Camp Experience, we have developed 3 different methods as outlined below.

Option 1 – Self-funding:  The full cost of the challenge is £1098.

You will need to pay on booking a non-refundable deposit & registration fee of £99, 10 weeks before departure the remaining £999 for the Muay Thai Challenge must be paid in full.

We can offer you fundraising advice and provide sponsorship forms enabling you to raise as much money as possible for your chosen charity.

Option 2 – Part/Flexi sponsorship:

You will need to pay on booking a non-refundable deposit & registration fee of £99 and then a further £499 12 weeks before departure, which goes towards Muay Thai Challenge costs.

A further 80% (£800) you will need to raise through sponsorship must be sent to the charity 12 weeks before you depart and the remaining 20% (£200) within 4 weeks of completing the Muay Thai Charity Challenge.

If you have raised enough funds for the charity through sponsorship, they will then pay the balance, a cost which will not exceed 49% of the minimum sponsorship target. 

The charity will benefit by keeping any remaining money raised through sponsorship.

Option 3 – Minimum Full sponsorship:

You will need to pay on booking a non-refundable deposit & registration fee of £99 and raise a minimum amount of sponsorship of £2000 for Lennox children’s cancer fund charity. 

At least 80% of the minimum sponsorship requirement of £1600 must be sent to the charity 12 weeks before departure and the remaining 20% within four weeks of completing the challenge.

If you have raised enough funds for the charity through sponsorship, they will then pay the balance of the Muay Thai Challenge, a cost which will not exceed 49% of the minimum sponsorship target. 

The charity will benefit by keeping any remaining money raised through sponsorship.

Please note: Please send your sponsorship money to the charity as you raise it,  this can be done easily via the Just-giving website.

If you need to discuss with us anything regarding fun-raising or If you need more booking information phone us or use our contact us tab on our website

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is also known as the “art of eight limbs”, it’s a stand-up combat sport, it combines both boxing & kickboxing as well as various clinching techniques with a combination of using fists, elbows, knees and shins to submit an opponent.

The level of fitness and training these muay athletes have to achieve to become Muay Thai fighters is remarkable.

It’s a very fast-paced martial art which makes Muay Thai extremely exciting to watch as a spectator, Muay Thai is also the National Sport of Thailand.

What does Muay mean?

Muay means simply Thai boxing!

Wai Khru or Ram Muay

Wai Khru” or “Ram Muay”, is a ritual dance performed by Muay fighters in the ring before the actual fight starts to show respect, the Muay Thai fighters will wear a sacred headband whilst dancing around the ring to the sound of “sarma music”, touching each corner of the ring, ending up in the centre of ring on their knees waving their arms to the music.

“Wai” is the name for the traditional greeting in Thailand, where Thais put their hands together and lower their heads as if in a short prayer. “Kru” is a  teacher. So the meaning is simply a thank you and blessing to show deep respect to training coaches, the training gym where they train, training partners and family.

Muay Thai is very cool to witness & experience, the smell of linseed oil & tiger balm, the music and the fans going wild all add to make the atmosphere electric,  it is a spectacle to behold… and that’s all before a Muay Thai fight starts!

Why do the fighters use Tiger Balm?

Muay Thai & MMA fighters use tiger balm whilst training for Muay Thai & Muay Thai fighting to help relieve and prevent injuries, the balm warms the area it’s applied and works very well for aching muscles and pain relief.

Muay Thai Training Camp in Thailand – What can I expect?

Firstly Muay Thai training is tough, very tough, these Muay fighters typically train twice per day 6 days per week at the camp, each Muay training session will last around 2 hours, starting with a 2-4 mile run to warm up your body, then back to the Muay Thai gym for more training such as sparring, bag work, pad work, shadow boxing & strength and conditioning exercises.

You will be taught each day in small select classes at the Muay Thai Gym and camp by Professional Muay fighters the traditional way, learning about Muay Thai kicks, the use of knees and elbows as well as fists to deliver blows, and all the Muay Thai boxing skills you need to become a Muay fighter.

Muay Thai and Muay Thai training along with MMA are not for the faint-hearted, training for Muay Thai & gym work is hard, which is one of the reasons you need to be in good shape, and physically fit to join a Muay Thai Camp.

Muay Thai training classes will start every day after breakfast, you will be training 3 times per day to get you prepared and conditioned for the 3 challenges ahead.

A full daily and training itinerary is available, please contact us.

You will have “down time”  after muay classes so you can enjoy the beauty of Phuket and immerse yourself in the local culture and food, a nice end to a training day is a Thai massage to relieve those aching limbs, trust me after a Thai massage here in Thailand you will feel invigorated ready for the next day of Muay training! 

What’s included?

  • Hotel in Phuket for 7 nights
  • 3 meals per day
  • LBM Branded Charity Challenge T-Shirt.
  • All Gym Training sessions and Gym Fees
  • All Muay Thai Training + camp amenities. 
  • Two Thai Sport Massages
  • Any camp training equipment needed for the challenges
  • Free bottled water whilst training  – Expect to drink lots of it! 
  • English-speaking support team training manager
  • A beach BBQ day
  • All three challenges include a guide for the Buddha run.
  • Transport to and from the training gym, Muay Thai camp and hotel
  • Expert fitness & training advice by specialists in the field of combat training at the camp
  • Any yoga or well-being session on the itinerary.
  • Best of all, A medal for all three challenges if completed, keep training hard!

What Muay training equipment & facilities can I expect? 

The muay camp is fully equipped with everything imaginable for training for Muay Thai boxing, MMA & other martial arts, which are all carried out in a safe environment, The trainers are all Muay & martial arts trained professionals, and Muay Thai classes are kept small so the trainers can focus fully and ensure you get the best possible training without injuring yourself.

You will have full use of the equipment at the camp during muay & martial art training such as punch bags, kick bags, 10/12oz boxing gloves,16/20oz sparring gloves, Thai style skipping rope (yes the heavy one), shin guards, head guards, groin guard, hand wraps, ankle wraps and a full-size muay ring to spar and fight in after adequate training. 

You can be assured all training is carried out at the Muay camp in a controlled highly motivating manner by lead by professional Muay trainers. all Muay training classes are kept small. 

We recommend bringing with you, a towel, Muay shorts or similar, a mouth guard, running shoes, a swimsuit and lots of stamina! 

If you have any questions regarding muay training and facilities, please contact us.

Where is the Muay Thai Training Camp?

The muay camp is located on the beautiful Island of Phuket in Thailand, where you will begin your training, Phuket is renowned as a popular holiday destination for travellers wanting its all-year-round tropical climate, turquoise ocean, pristine palm tree fringed beaches, vibrant nightlife 

Thailand Muay Thai & MMA camps are located in almost every major city, Thailand has training camps in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya to name a few, we choose Phuket camp for its many benefits including the best-equipped gym, best Muay Thai training facilities, the best Muay Thai Trainers and the best rooms & accommodation, the location is just perfect for muay training.

Will we have time to enjoy Phuket and drink a few Tiger Beers?

Yes for sure, we could not come to Thailand without enjoying a few beers over the week, although be warned drinking too many beers in the heat you will pay the price the next day at training!

The evenings will be yours to do as you please, although after watching a stunning beautiful Phuket sunset after all the Muay Training I would imagine you will need your bed!

Thai Culture 

Thailand is a very spiritual country deeply rooted in its culture, Buddhism being the main religion, Buddhist symbols are revered so be respectful at all times.  

A few Do’s and Don’t s 

Never disrespect the Thai Royal Family

Never lose your temper, shouting or being aggressive in public is frowned upon in Thailand.

Never disrespect Buddha.

Never point with your feet, feet are considered to be dirty, never put your feet up on a table or the back of a chair.

Do take your shoes off when entering a Thai person’s home and Buddhist temples

Do dress respectively, if you enter a temple by law you must cover up between shoulders & knees.

Do use your right hand, the left hand is considered not to be as clean due to toilet functions, i.e use of a bum gun! 

Do return a Thai “Wai” greeting, A Wai is how Thai people greet each other, it’s also used to show respect, a thank you or an apology, top tip, learn how to Wai!

Do always smile, a smile goes a long way in Thailand, when a Thai smiles they are showing you respect, so remember to smile back.

Thai people are friendly and are always smiling which is where it gets its nickname (The Land of Smiles) Thailand is a magical country after you return from the Muay Thai challenges, martial arts/MMA training at the Muay Thai camp I can more or less guarantee 100% you will want to re-visit for more Muay Thai & training in Phuket, Thailand.

About the Charity

We LBM are proud sponsors of Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund, they were first established in 1992 to help families with the emotional and financial impact of cancer in children, from diagnosis through to treatment and beyond.

The previous charity work we have done with Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund spawned our idea to start our LBM Combat Charity Challenge our idea being you get an experience of a lifetime in Phuket and as students learn about martial arts such as Muay Thai & MMA, training in one of the worlds best training camp whilst supporting a very worthwhile charity.

To date along with our partners, we have raised over £120,000 + for charity. With this Combat Charity Challenge and together as a team, we can raise more money and help make a difference.

Ok, I want in, when is the next challenge? 

The confirmed challenge training date classes for 2023, are 24th April to 30th April 2023 (limited spaces left) and 13th November to 19 November 2023, if these dates get “sold out” as we expect they will be, will try and add another month or two, yet to be confirmed.

To get involved contact us straight away to secure your place today.

Please note: Flights and travel insurance are not included in this Challenge, you will have to book and pay for yourself.