About The Challenge

Who is the challenge for?

LBM combat charity challenge is for anyone who has a background in any form of martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing, or MMA experience. We also offer courses for raw beginners but we do ask that beginners have a base fitness level which we can discuss with you when you contact us. We generally have a few types of customers and some people fit into more than one category…

a man is training with the boxing bag

The combat background client

This would be someone with a basic grounding or knowledge or advanced professional background in any form of the above areas. The trip is planned to execute better technique increase fitness levels and give tasters in further areas of combat. This challenge will test you in many areas and being motivating positive change for your future endeavours in combat sports. We tend to find that most of these types of clients are members of a boxing club or a combat sport club.

muay thai training camp

The gym or sports team groups

Teams are a fantastic way to build life lasting bonds within the team we offer a team referral program so that team leaders can benefit from the whole team going abroad on this amazing once-in-a-lifetime challenge please click here for a personal call to discuss further. Button - name email phone number company or team name.

charity fitness events

The charity fundraiser

Typically we find people that have completed the three peaks challenge climbing a mountain such as Kilimanjaro or Everest or a marathon runner or any type of fitness challenge for charity are the perfect type of fundraiser for this Challenge. This challenge will put you through your paces in a beautiful environment with memories last a lifetime as well as raising vital funds for either your favourite charity or Lennox children’s cancer fund and we have raised over £120,000 so far with a sister company.

The team corporate

The LBM combat charity challenge is so unique and based around pushing people's boundaries as far as fitness confidence motivation and teamwork it is a perfect corporate event to gain lifetime staff loyalty more respect between staff and general team building some companies use this challenge as a prize for their top performers or part of a corporate challenge or a or a tax efficient way to raise funds for a worthwhile charity such as the Lennox Children’s Cancer fund.

What is the challenge?

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An itinerary will be sent with the full breakdown of the weeks challenge and discussed with a LBM Combat representative before booking a space.

The challenge is broken down to conditioning and getting ready for the main challenges which are conducted on day five and six of the seven day challenge retreat.

Typically you train three times a day and one of those will generally be something you’ve never done before we organise all internal transfers to and from the gym, hotel, beach and any other location we need to take you to. Here we have a loose guide to give you an idea of the week.


8.00 - 9.30 am: Train
9.40 am: Breakfast
Go back hotel, relax or beach
12.00/1pm: Lunch at beach or at gym
2 pm: Weights circuit
3.00 pm: Fighters breathing technique etc.
4.00 pm: Jog with fighters
5.00 pm: Drop back to the hotel


8.00 - 9.30 am: Train
9.40 am: Breakfast
11:00 am: Fitness Street Tiger Gym
12:00pm: Rawia Fish Market
12:30pm: Packed Lunch on beautiful tropical beach
3:00pm: Train at the Thai gym
4:00pm: Jog
5:00pm: Famous Chilva market
7:00pm: Arrive back at the hotel


7:30am: Leave for Big Buddha
8:20am: Big Buddha Run Challenge
11:00am: Monkey Khao Rang Hill view point
12:00 - 1:00pm: Lunch at hill top park with monkeys
2:00pm: Hotel swim and shower
3:30pm: Kamala Beach (Olympic Beach Challenge)
5:00pm: BBQ or food at Kamala Beach
7:00pm: Finish


8:00-9:30am: Train
9:40am: Breakfast
11:30am: Pecked lunch at Camp Elephant or go karting/tiger kingdom (extra cost)
12:30pm: Hotel swim
1:30pm: Hotel get chnaged and relax
3:00pm: Train and 10 rounds challenge)
4:00pm: Jog outside around the town
5:00pm: Back to hotel


8:00-9:30am: Train (Specialist Thai Training)
9:40am: Breakfast
11:30am: 2 hour massage & spa
12:00pm: Lunch at the gym
3:00pm: Train
4:00pm: Jog
5:00pm: Back to hotel
9:00pm: Fight night at Bangla Stadium (extra cost)


8:00-9:30am: Train (Pads & Thai boxing)
9:40am: Breakfast
10:40am: Visit Chalong Temple
12:00pm: Packed lunch at temple or old town
1:00pm: Phuket Old Town Shopping
2:50pm: Back to hotel
4:00pm: Swim & Chill
5:00pm: Beach BBQ
6:00pm: Sunset medal presentation. Celebrate, fire eaters etc.


Chill out and relax on the day of your choice by the pool or whatever you like to do. We also have a few extra paid trips you can do, such as a boat trip to some famous islands, or ask your rep, and they will give you many ideas and things you can do.

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Thailand Itinerary

Our itinerary is designed to suit every one of our challengers while allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty and culture of Thailand. Immerse yourself in the local customs and traditions of Thailand, while also challenging yourself to master the ancient art of Muay Thai. Our specialist team will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you get the most out of your experience.

We are committed to making your experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, so that you can focus on exploring the beauty of Thailand and challenging yourself in paradise.

On Your Challenge

* T and C’s apply, some activities are weather dependant and may be changed at the discretion of the manager of the challenge.

A branded LBM charity challenge t-shirt.

A medal for all 3 challenges completed.

All gym sessions and gym fees included.

English speaking support team manager.

Hotel included for 7 nights.

Buddha guide for the run and all challenge costs.

BBQ beach day included.

All 3 challenges included

2 meals per day.

Equipment as per challenge activity including boat if required.

Bottled Drinking water on training days.

A holistic 2/3 hour spa session with a full body professional traditional Thai Massage

All internal transportation to various challenge sites returning to the gym/hotel which could be 4/5 journeys a day.

Fitness training advice Buy specialists in the field of combat training.

Any yoga or well being sessions on the itinerary.

What's Not Included?

Holiday insurance we recommend a company that will cover sports activities


Travel to and from the Country (UK,USA,Austrailia Etc.) airport of departure.


Before You Go

15% off boxfituk items such as wraps gum shield gloves etc.

Support with a just giving page setting it up.

Fundraising tips and direct access to a nominated person working for the charity.

Sponsorship forms.

Fitness training advice by specialists in the field of combat training.

A 2 or 5 month payment plan with no interest.

A personal UK-based manager for your challenge.

side view of concentrated muay thai fighter training with punching bag, action sport concept
side view of concentrated muay thai fighter training with punching bag, action sport concept

Before You Go

15% off boxfituk items such as wraps gum shield gloves etc.

Support with a just giving page setting it up.

Fundraising tips and direct access to a nominated person working for the charity.

Sponsorship forms.

Fitness training advice by specialists in the field of combat training.

A 2 or 5 month payment plan with no interest.

A personal UK-based manager for your challenge.

When is it?

2023 dates are as follows:
2024 dates are as follows:

What are my options?

Please see the payment table and decide whether it’s a charity you would like to raise for or if you would like to challenge yourself with no added fundraising…

Tell me more about the 3 challenges

Throughout the week you will be completing various types of training to get you prepared for the three challenges on day five and six. We understand and cater for various fitness levels to still make the challenge highly competitive but make it realistic to achieve the challenge based on the different fitness levels, the challenges will not be a walk over!

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Sitting Buddha statue

Challenge 1

Buddha run, this challenge will be a 5K endurance challenge through the jungle In hot and humid conditions the run ends at a famous Buddha temple each group would be given a guide and minimum time to complete this challenge based on individual fitness abilities.

Boxers training kickboxing in the ring at the health club

Challenge 2

LBM combat charity challenge manager will set a 10 two minute round with one minute rest period challenge based around sparring core drills lower body, upper body, strength endurance and various other exercises within the rounds to complete this challenge you must complete all 10, 2 minute rounds.

Fit man running at the beach

Challenge 3

Teamwork and one on one challenges based in the gym and on a tropical beach, based in water and on land This will include tug of war, group vs group such a rescue mission from sea to land and back, flag tag last man standing And combat style training, the challenger must be able to Swim competently. This challenge sounds fun (which it is) but it’s hard in various ways and will put you to the test. This challenge is scored by your LBM combat charity challenge manager, they will look at your input and how you’ve performed throughout the whole challenge. We offer a non swimmer version if required.

Team work with a twist


The LBM combat charity challenge is the perfect team building corporate option to raise money for a great cause in a tax efficient manner ensuring staff build lifetime bonds and respect for each other.

If you would like more information then please get in touch or if you are ready for the challenge, fill out our contact form to the right.

Thanks for your valued contact we will be in touch shortly.

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