muay thai training camp with accommodation

Muay Thai Training Camp in Thailand

Thailand is the best place in the world to train martial arts, how do you fancy a Muay Thai training camp with accommodation in Phuket? Sounds great doesn’t it, if you’re wanting to join, then read on.

This offer is limited to travellers and sporting groups who have a background in martial arts. Such as MMA, boxing, kickboxing or Muay Thai and a decent level of fitness.

Muay Thai is a gruelling sport, and the fitness and training program we have in place for 7 days in the gym at the camp will test you to the fullest. Classes start early and finish late, be prepared to be tested.

About Koh Phuket

Phuket is a beautiful tropical Island on the West Coast of Thailand surrounded by the turquoise Andaman Sea. Every bay in Phuket has a palm-fringed sandy beach and is a tropical paradise. Where the sun shines on most days every month of the year.


The currency of Thailand is called “Baht” when you want to change money don’t do it at the airport, just outside the Muay Thai Camp, there are plenty of exchange bureaus offering decent rates.

Cards are widely accepted all over Phuket if you don’t like the idea of carrying cash around.

Keeping Hydrated

Training Muay Thai style in the heat of Thailand can be very draining. The training camp does have plenty of free water on hand to keep hydrated whilst training in the training.

On a normal day in Thailand, you can expect to drink at least 1.5 litres of water. When taking Muay Thai classes I can guarantee you will need to at least double that intake of water.

This is one reason we only need guys in our team with a good level of fitness. The Thai heat and training will be relentless in the camp.

Where is the Camp?

With many Muay Thai camps to choose from in Thailand, we have chosen a soon-to-be-disclosed top-rated Muay Thai fighting & training camp. Which is on the beautiful Island of Koh Phuket (Koh in the Thai language means Island).

You can be assured the Muay Thai and the training will be world-class along with the accommodation

What’s Included?

Fitness & Training 

There are five Muay Thai exercises you should practise. These will condition your body and keep you strong.

  1. Skipping
  2. Sparring
  3. Sit-ups
  4. Blocks & Kicks
  5. Circuit training

A good idea is to get in shape with these exercises before you land in Phuket.

Fight Classes

Muay Thai gym classes will happen all the days we are at the camp, which will be Monday through Sunday. The classes start time will be normally 8 am for a light breakfast, a break for lunch meals, and finishing gym classes around 6 pm nearly every day.

A 45-day visa is available for most countries on arrival, check with your local travel agent or airline.

Muay Thai Camp & Accommodation

The accommodation will be within walking distance of the camp training facility. Some camps do offer accommodation if training at their gym. These rooms tend not to have air conditioning, and after a hard day’s training in Muay Thai, a comfortable room with AC is a must.  

Dates for 2023

These dates and days are confirmed and limited, We will add more dates for more months, so watch this space. As soon as we have confirmed places at the Muay Thai camp and with Muay Thai trainers at the gym.

24th April to 30th April 2023

13th November to 19th November 2023

What’s the Cost?

After flights, insurance, vaccinations and travel expenses to and from your local airport are covered by yourself. We then have different options & prices to help with funding and one option is that you pay the full cost of the Muay Thai training and accommodation.

Please see below for the prices

Option One Self-Funding

Non-refundable deposit & registration fee of £99, £200 a month for five months before departure

The full cost of the challenge is £1,098.

Option Two Part-Flexi Sponsorship 

Non-refundable deposit & registration fee of £99 

10 Weeks before departure you pay £499

Raise £1,000 for the charity

Option Three Minimum Full sponsorship:

Non-refundable deposit & registration fee of £99 

You will need to raise £2,000 for Lennox children’s cancer fund. 

If you need further information on the different options to help fund this trip. Please contact us.

What’s not included?

Flights – Return tickets to direct to Phuket are available, book as early as you can to get a good price

Travel – Travel to and from your departure airport will need to be covered by yourself

Insurance – We recommend getting insurance with sporting activities included

Vaccinations – Check with your local physician if you need vaccinations for Thailand

Will I need to learn the Thai Language?

It’s not necessary to learn any Thai, every trainer and Muay Thai fighter in the camp does speak a fair amount of English. Although being able to say a few Thai words will go a long way.

Simple greetings in Thai such as Sawdee Khrap – Which means hello are well worth learning.

Want to join us in Thailand?

Are you MMA trained, do you think you are tough enough?

These Muay Thai boxing and gym training classes are very limited. To avoid any disappointment email us as soon as possible.