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Fundraising ideas with our Charity Fitness Events

Who is up for fitness challenges and our charity workout events, all to raise funds for a good cause? Who’s up for doing a 7-day fitness challenge in Thailand? I should imagine quite a lot of people, before you all begin calling and emailing us to get involved, there are a few prerequisites for our popular events to raise £££ for a good cause.


All candidates need to be in good physical shape and be involved in some kind of combat sport, such as MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing or boxing. We do offer martial art courses for raw beginners, but every candidate must be physically fit.

So what’s the Challenge and Fundraising Idea?

The test is to take part in and complete 7-days of Muay Thai training workouts in Thailand on the beautiful Island of Phuket, whilst raising much-needed funds for Lennox Children’s Cancer. 

If a competitor can get full sponsorship, they will get an ultimate deal of 7 days of Muay Thai Training in a prestige top Muay Thai training camp, all for a low price of the registration fee of £99.


We do have other options to help finance these events if you are unable to achieve full sponsorship status.

Option One Self-Funding

Option Two Part/Flexi Sponsorship 

Option Three Minimum Full sponsorship

All you need to pay for is return flights to Thailand and insurance to cover sports, any vaccinations and travel to and from the departure airport.

Training from Thailand’s best Muay Thai Trainers.

I will be honest with you this event is not for the faint-hearted, and this is why it’s important to understand our reasoning for only accepting people who are in good if not great physical shape. The whole trip will be very demanding on your body, not just the training but the heat will take its toll.

The Muay Thai trainers will be there to push you to your limits, both mentally and physically. These guys have been training themselves for many years and are at their peaks of physical toughness, strength and health.

Dehydration is a problem training in the heat, expect to drink many litres of water doing a training session. Don’t worry, as much as you can drink water is available for of charge while training. Take advantage of it, drink plenty and keep hydrated.

Fundraising Suggestions

There’s a multitude of ways to get donations and recommendations on how to raise money for a charity. We would recommend looking in your local area and asking family, friends and workmates. Once accepted by ourselves for this trip we can help with sponsorship forms and some creative ways to get cash for a good cause. 

Here are a few charity fundraising ideas to start you off. 

If you sit and think about how to raise £££ with a sponsored event, I’m sure you will have a brain wave and loads of really cool suggestions will come to mind.

Limited Availability

If you want to get involved and you’re in good physical shape get in touch as soon as possible. This challenge event is limited to only 24 places.

For more detailed information on this exclusive trip to Thailand and Muay Thai training, please visit our website where everything is laid out. If you have any questions, please either give us a call or send an email. If you are just ready to “go for it” use the sign-up page on our website.

Let’s do this together all for a good cause and raise money for charity.