Muay Thai Training in Thailand 

Have you ever thought about training with the best of the best in one of Thailand’s Muay Thai boxing camps? Are you both mentally & physically fit? Have you previously done or are currently involved with martial arts? If you answered yes to all the questions above and you’re up for a challenge, training for Muay Thai in Thailand, then please read on.

LBM Combat Challenge

To get involved in this exclusive combat challenge there are a few options available for the camp, which is situated on the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand.

On our website, we have a guide to the intended itinerary to give you an idea of what to expect during this intensive week at the Muay Thai camp. This could change slightly but expect to train at least 3 times per day. A full itinerary breakdown will be sent to each competitor before leaving for the combat challenge.

Any transport to and from the hotel to the camp is provided by us, along with an English-speaking guide to help with any translation issues.

Financing Muay Thai Training in Phuket

Below are options to finance your training & Muay Thai lessons in Phuket. If you have any questions regarding these funding options or need any help or advice, please get in touch. 

Option 1 – Self-Funding

Option 2 – Part/Flexi Sponsorship 

Option 3 – Minimum Full sponsorship

If you need any fundraising ideas or help with sponsorship for this worthy challenge, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Best Muay Thai Camps & Martial Arts Camps 

The martial arts training camp in Phuket is renowned in the Muay Thai boxing world as a top-rated training facility. You will be training with the best Muay Thai Trainers three times per day. The main object of the training is to get each competitor ready for the challenges which happen on days five, six & seven of the training retreat.

What’s included in the charity event

In the evenings you will have free time to explore the beautiful island of Phuket with its glorious sunsets. Just imagine sitting under a palm tree on a beautiful beach sipping on an ice-cold beer after a hard day of training. Sounds magical hey, I can assure you it is!

Any sightseeing or excursions to enjoy the nightlife of Phuket is down to you. After a hard day in the gym doing your ring craft and boxing skills, early nights will be your thoughts of the day.

Fight Camp Confirmed Dates for 2023

Each challenger is limited to only 24 participants. The first dates for next year are almost fully booked up. If you are interested and secure a place for yourself at the boxing camp. Get in touch as soon as possible.

What’s not included 

Get in Touch

If you are up for this ultimate boxing challenge and you think you have got what it takes to endure a week of 1st class training for Muay Thai. Please get in touch as soon as possible. You can either call or using our website contact page send us a message.